December 29, 2017

Dropping in on Pipe

First off – Congratulations to 2x World Champ Johnn x2 Florence and Pipe champ 2017 Jeremy Flores! Florence x Flores = a very flowery sounding end to 2017. Pipe this year was a little well..meh. ...Read More

Premium Slasher

Former surfer Dane slashing waves in a most violent manner, it’s hard to watch. Won’t somebody spare a thought for the abused and discarded waves this monster has ripped through with reckless abandon. Something needs to be done about the gratuitous spraying of plankton and foam, and I for one will watch again and again.. 'PREMIUM VIOLENCE' featuring Dane Reynolds from FORMER on Vimeo.

Jbay baybay

Where has the year gone? *yawn* I think I blinked through the first 6 months of the year and now Jbay is once again apon us. The tour is close this year – very close! Like top 5 contenders all on 26K pts close. I should be excited but it seems to be all a bit meh so far.  Maybe a few coronas can fix it from now on? Anybrew, check out the forecast link here at Jeffreys Bay, looking like it should be on for day 1 and up until the weekend looks to be some nice conditions. Go Wilko!

Volcom Pipeline Pro

Round 3 and it’s getting interesting – G.O.A.T and JOB are both out in surprise exits and the field is being dominated by Makua dropping 10’s with local knowlege ruling. Watch the Volcom Pipe Pro live right here. Surfingweather pipeline report is here. The call is for a storm to hit the event tomorrow and as it’s been unpredictable we’ll have to wait ’till it passes to get an idea of when it’ll run again.