Wild East

Some wild weather heading down-under with the East Coast the focus of a massive stormfront and high winds. Check out the forecast for these spots Kirra Newcastle Cape Solander / Fear / Ours with the Red Bull event set to run on Monday Cronulla Ulladulla ..and even the famous Bondi catching some massive swell in the next week (watch out backpackers!) Here’s the latest from La Jolla surf from today’s forecast – some big swells in the mix for the Southern Hemisphere.. time to get creative on those sick day excuses and plan your Monday trip now! Meanwhile.. a little further north […]

Snapper Rocks is on!

CONGRATULATIONS MATTY WILKO & TYLER WRIGHT!! Kicking off the WCT – Snapper rocks is looking to have excellent conditions for the start of the tour.. Looking like a nice solid swell in the 4-5ft range for the rest of the week so expecting some exciting action! For all the action and latest updates check out the comp here – 2016 Quicksilver Pro gold Coast  

Wave Factory!

He’s done it again – just as the dust settles on the WCT Kelly Slater has grabbed headlines again with the unveiling of his amazing new project – the Kelly Slater Wave Co. Many thought it was just a pipe dream or that Kelly may have been pouring good money after bad, but just like Adriano’s 10 year wait for the title, Kelly’s been waiting just as long for this day, a day when barrels can be found 170km from the nearest coastline! http://www.kswaveco.com/