Pipe masters 2015

The world title race is on – and it’s gonna be a nail-biter – so far we have two favourites out – two retiring this event and a dream superheat about to start between Slater, Florence and Fanning! Check the official event here. If you’re staying in the area here’s the forecast for pipeline UPDATE: Congratulations to ADS for a well deserved win – after 10 years of grinding on the tour he finally cracked it!  

It’s on! – Pe’ahi challenge

The inagural Pe’ahi challenge is officially on – huge waves and fearless surfers paddling into massive sets.. we’ve just added it to the forecast – check it out here – and follow all the live action at the official site..   Update: Congratulations to the winner, Maui local Billy Kemper! Great commentary and wrap-up in the post-show.  Listen in for some great tips on surviving the giants from the recorded live stream also..eg; if you stack it on the first wave in the set it might be better get hit by the whitewater from the next one to push you into the channel instead […]