Wave Factory!

He’s done it again – just as the dust settles on the WCT Kelly Slater has grabbed headlines again with the unveiling of his amazing new project – the Kelly Slater Wave Co. Many thought it was just a pipe dream or that Kelly may have been pouring good money after bad, but just like Adriano’s 10 year wait for the title, Kelly’s been waiting just as long for this day, a day when barrels can be found 170km from the nearest coastline! http://www.kswaveco.com/  

Slater breaks down that attempted air

You know that one.. that insane 4.17 effort that should have been added a few extra points for “flukey awesomeness”. Kelly didn’t seem to mind so much and there’s been a lot of communication on why the wave was scored the way it was, however the stoke factor needs to be taken into consideration on this one me thinks. For the latest trestle conditions click here and for the next leg of the WSL tour conditions at Cascais click here.